Sunday, November 30, 2008


{ahem} OK, sorry 'bout that. Short post today; I have a story to finish; however, as I sit before you (and before the lovely fire at Starbucks), I am happy to report that I have sailed, soared, trotted, galloped, stomped....across the virtual Finish Line, and I have


Yes, I have over 50,000 words. No, I haven't uploaded it for verification yet; I won't feel like I've *really* finished until I've gotten to the end of the story. I actually have over 52,000 words at this writing, and there'll be more. But I am winding down. My goal is to finish the story, no matter how sloppily (I'm blushing, I should be ashamed of myself) and THEN post it for my official win, for my Purple Band.

So now, I'm Ensconced, and will come back with a proper post when I have Become Official.

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Jen in CT said...

whoo-hoo! Awesome!! :-)