Friday, November 20, 2009

Time Marches On....

Oh wait, that's a cliche, isn't it? And it's only three words. Lemme see here.... OK. "Time groaned ever forward in the method which had propelled humanity toward its ultimate finality, relentless and unforgiving."


SEE what this NaNoWriMo stuff does to you? Why use one word when you can use 15 ridiculous, florid, overblown and unnecessary ones? I mean, REALLY!

OK, not going to take too much time here because I have a Writing Meeting arranged and some stuff to do before I go.

Let's see -- I'm long past the birth, the death and the nekkud priest. The body's buried, and the baby with her -- but only it wasn't THE baby, which is still alive and being nursed by the Priestess who has never herself been a mother made!! (That happened in my last year's novel too....hmmmm.) He's learned that the goddess to whom the baby was promised is NOT EGYPTIAN (!) so he ... and the priestess...must take her to Greece, only it's "Hellas" because that sounds cooler.
At this moment they have finally gotten on the boat, though it hasn't pushed off yet. And they've decided they have to Give Up Everything and travel as a lower-middle-class family. And he's decided the tyke is going to be easier to conceal and will have a better early life in general if they disguise her as a boy!

The high dray-ma is almost too much for me, truth telling. Seems like the story is about half-way, if there's going to be much going on with them when they actually get to Gree....uh....Hellas.

Today's On Track Word Count: 33,340
MY actual word count: 36,122 !

Tonight covering both of my passions: writing on the novel from about 5:30 - 9:00 (when Barriques closes) then out to The Sow's Ear to knit until 11:00 when THEY close. I may do some surreptitious novelling while there too - there's another badge for that!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

(the sound of shackles falling away)....

I gave my presentation! And lived to tell about it (more or less). I did a final terror-ridden immersion type attempt to get my notes in order and thoughts cognizant right up to the last minute (which included fleeing out to the car because there was a chap in our dorm, where I went expecting no one to be there. He was fussing around in his stuff and whistling. Very melodic but very repetitious, same phrase over and over. I was howling some VERY unlady-like things at him top volume (but only in my head; I am a LADY).

I was pretty disappointed in myself. Felt like it was choppy, disconnected, farbled, garbled and wonky. But several people came up "afters" and said nice things. Well, I have time to really polish and streamline before delivering it at the senior center (where I have the great advantage of an audience of interested, curious people - who likely do NOT know waaaay more about it than I do!). That NAVC crowd is a tough audience, what with every single one of 'em being Knowledegeable with a capital "K".

So now, instead of being AHEAD on NaNoWriMo.......I'm behind! Therefore I'm briefly updating blogs and then hunkering down (isn't that a great phrase, I can just SEE it) and trying to catch up and move ahead.

TIP to MYSELF: arrange for meals. I'm quite brilliant at describing tables full of comely, beautiful dishes and table settings, &c at GREAT LENGTH (which is, after all, the name o' the game). No new word count to list yet, but watch this space!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh am I going to pay....

I guess it was bound to happen. TWO important projects. One human being. (That human being being me.) I've alluded to my incredible Olympic powers of Procrastination. Well, it's turned into a beast and it's gnawing...GNAWING, I tell you...on my behind.

Here's the scoop: I'm working on this program. It's an oral presentation, sort of a lecture. I found out when it has to be given: 3:00 pm tomorrow. And it's not an hour.......I have an hour and a half. (I wonder how early I can ask for questions?)

I'm not ready for it. Now, I DO have the rest of today and some time tomorrow to work on it, but there are other things going on that I'm going to want to hear, and people to visit whom I only see once a year. And meals (believe me, the meals are reason enough to go!)

On the OTHER hand -- I have NOT neglected my NaNoWriMo novel (Bulwer-Lytton still has nothing to fear) and my daily word count is:

11,085. Boo-yah!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keep on keepin' on....

OK, so we had a Kick-Off for NaNoWriMo 2009. Zombie Joe secured the use of the Italian Workmen's Club from 9-5 on Sunday, being 1 November; the challenge actually began at midnight but SOME people (not your reporter) live normal lives and sleep at night.

I was interested to see the inside of the Club - I knew it had been a fixture during the 1920s and 1930s when the surrounding neighborhood was called "The Greenbush" and was a rich Italian neighborhood. It proved to be a fairly plain big room now, with lots of long tables and at the head of the room a little counter and sort of kitchen-y bit. When I arrived I wasn't sure I was in the right place, because I heard nothing.........but I discovered some 20 people or so bent over their respective laptops WRITING! There were also some stalwart souls using pens or pencils and notebooks. I do love historical types....

Anyway, not taking much time to write THIS, as I have other writing to do -- not only my NaNo novel but that blasted report on the Metis. I swear, when I say "Thank you - are there any questions?" at the end of my presentation I'm likely to burst into tears of gratitude that it's actually over. (I hope there ARE no questions; I'm threading facts and tales onto a pretty thin cord and any divergence is likely to produce a blank, trance-like stare.)

At this writing I have over 5,000 words; I'm well within where I need to be. Same thing is happening that I experienced last year: I sit reading the text scrolling past on my screen, fascinated with it all....and my busy little fingers are just dancing along on the keyboard all of their own. I have NO connection to them, they're making the thing up as they go along. I'll make occasional reports here but don't expect to post much more. At 3,000 words I had experienced a birth, a death - and a naked Egyptian priest standing before the gold figure of Horus. Who knows where it'll all end? (Not ME, I can tell you that quick enough!)

One change I WILL have to make at some point, but a simple "find-and-replace" will do it. My characters right now are named XX, QQ, TH, RR.....and I want something a tad more creative in the final analysis.

I'm off to work on my report; the NaNo-ing takes place around midnight.

NOTE: I actually DID meet with two fellow local Wrimos at Perkins, at midnight on November 1. They're a young married couple, absolutely delightful! She's a very clever and artistic girl who moved here from Georgia; her husband is a handsome young Norwegian Lutheran Minnesotan-type fella. We had the most enchanting conversation for two hours....and then dutifully wrote a sentence or two each before departing for home. I had a word count of 130 when I left. I have caught up, and it was worth it. FUN meeting new friends.