Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Asked for It....??

OK, my friend James (HI JAMES) gave me an idea. No...TWO ideas. So I've started to implement the one, and the other will follow:

1) After my description of a particularly embarrassing evening some years ago, he said "That'd make a pretty good short story....";

2) He said, "I post writing on my blog, whyn't you do that thing?"

So the short story is about done, and you will see it here. Now - when *I* say "short" I may not mean the same thing you do. For one thing, I'm short, and the meaning of it is clear. I'm 4'11". That's short, unless you're eight years old or a Hobbit.

Regarding stories, however -- "short" for me may be "novella" for someone else; therefore, my story may be posted in chunks. We'll see.

Watch this space.