Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Did I Know....

...what's involved in NaNoWriMo! I have to say, it's exhilarating, fascinating, curious - and tiring! Of course, I have considerable assistance, I must admit it. I have a Writing Coach-Nagger-Cheerleader-Critic. She yells, she nags, -- but most of all, she has a Baleful Gaze which is so laden with guilt as to be crippling. (I wonder again: how does anyone manage without a cat to help out?)
Here's an example: I like my cup of tea while writing, and as you no doubt know, tea is "rented"......doesn't stay with you for long. So I had gone to visit the Necessary briefly. When I came back, Evangeline had changed her position from "meatloaf" with head facing me to THIS. I can only surmise that she read what I'd written in my absence - and thought this the best way to express her feelings about the whole thing.

I gently reminded her, "No editing. Quantity, not quality. And besides, you can't even type because you have no thumbs."

Everyone's a critic.

However - today I'm "off" -- no outside obligations, and because I stupidly --- carelessly --- unavoidably took a day off from writing yesterday (she let me get away with it simply because I wasn't home, I was know, making a little money so I could afford her bags and bags of treats) I mean to spend the most of today writing. I'm starting at home, but may check to see where my fellow NaNos are writing, if they're out and about, and join them. Misery loves company.

Seems like a lot of them like Starbucks on campus.......I don't drink coffee, wonder if they have anything good to eat?

OK, back to work.

OH! PS: my cute little mouse, which I always use because I like it better than the touchpad system on the laptop, died yesterday (a moment of silence for the technological helper it was). But Mr Tremblingquill (have I mentioned that he's My Hero, in more ways than I could mention?) went out and found me a NEW mousie, with NO CORD to wear out (that's what happened to t'other one)! The new one is super-DUPER cool, and...get this: I got a choice of COLORS! So I know have a fantabulous NEW deep metallic blue CORDLESS MOUSE .

You can have so much fun it you're Advancing in Age and Easily Entertained!!

OK, NOW back to work. For real. Right now. Here I go. Watch me. Here I go.

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Jamwes said...

I saw this message hanging out at the bottom of your page without any comments, so I decided to leave it some love. A cordless mouse would be nice to have here at work. The cord on my mouse is always falling behind my desk and pulling the mouse with it. Every day I'm fighting with it to keep my mouse from going over the edge.