Sunday, November 2, 2008

Out of the Gate!

So I guess this means I am a NOVELIST ! (Note the absence of the word "published", which isn't like to happen any time very soon - that's an obsesrvation, not a complaint.) I am glad to say that I DID start writing at 12:01 AM on November 1st. I wrote exactly one line - then had to peel the cat off my lap and move the laptop back to the den/writing room because she was insistent about being on me.

So there was a gap between the first line and the next, but I DID actually manage to crank out over the required 1667 words which comprise the daily minimum to reach the goal. I can see an advantage to this whole NaNoWriMo deal already, at least for me: it's going to necessitate setting aside a period of time, DAILY, to write. If I can form that into a habit, it'll be that much to the good when I return to writing in the regular slow, thoughtful and editing-along-the-way way. So far (remember, yesterday was just Day Two) I have found that very late at night serves me best. I haven't tried writing a few shorter periods during a day, but I think I will, just to see if there's any advantage to the chained-to-the-desk approach.

Oh, and I'll go on record here (where it's pretty safe, as I have no readers) that my novel, as it has come out of the chute, is -- well, I feel very confident in saying that it may well be the worst conglomeration of words ever strung together under the guise of "story".

I'm surprised to find that I am almost overcome with the temptation/desire/yearning to just go back "a little way", to just fix up "one or two sentences" -- after all, maybe I can add a few words. As it stands right now, unless there are some improvements, this will NOT be anything worth saving to go back and polish with the possibility of it actually being something readable.

But - it's an experiement, an exercise, a challenge, and I'm going to stick to the rules and get from it what I may. And I suspect I'll be glad to look back HERE for my feelings as I slog through this.

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