Thursday, October 30, 2008

It Has Begun..........

The count-down, that is. OK - I've only done ONE of the warm-up exercises. I think what I'm going to do is try a couple of warm-ups on my own; with thanks to Jen, who had her excellent idea of even DOING a warm-up, might I add. I'm glad to have the book (the aforementioned "The 3 AM Epiphany") and will be referring to can't have too many writing books.

Wait - that sounds like "an addict can't have too many empty pill bottles". Oh well.

Anyway, the next 48 hours (give or take) which precede the beginning of NaNoWriMo are going to be busy. I think that's good.......the bloke who Started It All says that being busy engenders more writing, and I can see that. I think sitting down and clearing the decks to write without distraction - in this case - might not be the plus one might think.

So today -- and please note, I'm writing at 4:30 AM (what are you, CRAZY? I take the 5th). The alarm is set for 5:00 AM, because we have to put on funny clothes and report to the teevee station at 6:15. After our Stint (ending before 7:00 AM) we get to come home and nap, and I think I probably will. Then we report to the Museum, again in funny clothes, for tours and Halloween hijinks. That concludes in participation in a reception for teachers -- we'll wander around being part of the "Odd Wisconsin" exhibit.

After THAT I have my class on Childhood in the Middle Ages, which is pretty much fascinating and after only one class is proving, I think, to be the source of details and information which might be useful for future writing projects. After THAT (!) I'm going to stop for a few minutes at Barriques, a coffee house on Monroe Street, at which some of the local fellow NaNos are getting together for a Yay! Rah! in anticipation.

Friday has more stuff, although I'm too lazy to go get my daybook to see what at this point. And of course, I have to finish decorating for Halloween and prepare for the expected mobs of little Sarah Palins I imagine appearing at our door for their yummies. (Mr Dearling laid in a good supply of yummies which we particularly like, in the event that we have left-overs. LOVE it!)

In fact......I'm tempted to go in there and nibble me a sample. But if I go into the kitchen, reGARDless of the time, I'll get caught up in the Feline Feeding Frenzy and it's just too early.

So - all for now, but I'm going to try to keep notes here throughout the month. Lawsy knows, I've been falling down something grim on the knitblog, although I am semi-steadily moving toward completion of the Dr Who scarf, and I'll report the completion of it on both blogs. On account of, 'cause it's a genuine, real, authorized and documentable Big Deal.

Let's see...should I nap for 20 minutes?

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