Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OK - I now have TWO Monday assignments, and it's clear that there is nothing here yet of a writerly nature ! Believe it or not, I'm NOT procrastinating (although believe me when I say, if it were an Olympic sport I could serve dinner for twelve on my gold medals....with soup); no, it's just that after a false start (about seven pages' worth) I decided to rewrite the first one, and the second is "in the works".

I will say, however, that I'm liking that book a great deal, and owe Jen for introducing it to me.

WARNING: Gratuitous whining ahead: I'm preparing to go to the SCBWI Fall Retreat day-after-tomorrow. Now, I've never been before (Anxiety #1). I have to decide what written pieces to take along (Anxiety #2). I'm going to be surrounded by REAL writers, and what's worse, professionals (Anxiety #3).

I *expect* to come home energized, knowledgeable in new ways, inspired and having met all sorts of wonderful new people. I ALSO *expect* that there's a reasonable chance I'll be found out as a Totally Phony POSER (or, as we say in French, "poseur").
But it is my intention (isn't that what the Road to....oh nevermind) to finish both pieces and post them here before departing.

Watch this space!

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Rachel said...

heya, that's for joining Jen and me in this nano prep. :) and I'm looking forward to seing what you write.

I just wanna point out, don't think to much. these are just writing exercizes. its practice, not the 'real thing'. just write, have fun, and don't worry to much about being 'perfect.' In Nano, you won't have time to indulge in the pursuit of perfection, after all. :)

good luck with the workshop, I'm jealous. tell us all about it!