Tuesday, December 2, 2008

School's Out!

Doesn't this just say it all??

And now what? I really do feel like school's out! I find myself thinking "OK, the dishes are done, now I can get in a little more writing.......oh, wait! It's DONE!" and dare I say it? I miss it! What I need to do establish the routine of writing regularly for my regular writing now. And I think I'll be able to do that, because it really is just about habit to go into the writing room at 10:30 pm and get to work.

SO what did I win? See above! And the feeling of just letting it all spew out, and then, like an archaelogist, attacking it with a little brush and getting rid of the crap.

I *still* haven't started at the beginning and read it straight through, but I'm about it, and then print it out so I can more easily circle the good bits and cross out the roughage. I'm hoping that, after I do that, there'll be enough shards left to put into a good story. (I still like the bit where she nurses the baby, which was cool because she never gave birth. Pretty clever.) Hopefully there'll be more bits like that.

Oh, and to all my fellow NaNoWriMos who crossed the finish line: MAZEL TOV!! We are now all genuine novelists! Next step: submission, publication - and negotiating for film rights!



Shan said...

Oh that's great! Congratulations on your accomplishment. Hooray!

Jamwes said...

Congrats on winning! It took a little work, but I found your blog. :D