Sunday, November 8, 2009

(the sound of shackles falling away)....

I gave my presentation! And lived to tell about it (more or less). I did a final terror-ridden immersion type attempt to get my notes in order and thoughts cognizant right up to the last minute (which included fleeing out to the car because there was a chap in our dorm, where I went expecting no one to be there. He was fussing around in his stuff and whistling. Very melodic but very repetitious, same phrase over and over. I was howling some VERY unlady-like things at him top volume (but only in my head; I am a LADY).

I was pretty disappointed in myself. Felt like it was choppy, disconnected, farbled, garbled and wonky. But several people came up "afters" and said nice things. Well, I have time to really polish and streamline before delivering it at the senior center (where I have the great advantage of an audience of interested, curious people - who likely do NOT know waaaay more about it than I do!). That NAVC crowd is a tough audience, what with every single one of 'em being Knowledegeable with a capital "K".

So now, instead of being AHEAD on NaNoWriMo.......I'm behind! Therefore I'm briefly updating blogs and then hunkering down (isn't that a great phrase, I can just SEE it) and trying to catch up and move ahead.

TIP to MYSELF: arrange for meals. I'm quite brilliant at describing tables full of comely, beautiful dishes and table settings, &c at GREAT LENGTH (which is, after all, the name o' the game). No new word count to list yet, but watch this space!

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Jamwes said...

I hope you can make it out some nights this week. I was surprised to not see you at all this last weekend.